Senate Bill 683, The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act, is the first-ever bill in the U.S. Senate intended to legalize marijuana for medicinal use and the most comprehensive medical marijuana bill introduced in Congress. By rescheduling marijuana at the federal level and removing the compound cannabidiol (CBD) from the Controlled Substances Act, this bill would permit qualified patients, doctors, and businesses to engage in state-legal medical marijuana activities without fear of federal prosecution. Additional provisions would allow financial institutions to legally provide services to medical marijuana businesses, permit VA doctors to authorize medical cannabis, and remove existing federal barriers to clinical trial research. This bipartisan legislation would effectively end the federal ban on medical marijuana, giving millions of desperately ill patients and those who provide for them the safety and peace of mind they deserve. Please use the form below to contact your senator today and ask them to support the CARERS Act!