HB 1453: Legalize Marijuana in Maryland

Maryland: HB 1453: Legalize Marijuana in Maryland

Last week, Delegate Curt Anderson (D-Baltimore City) introduced HB 1453, a bill which aims to tax and regulate, essentially legalize, marijuana in Maryland.

HB 1453 would:

  • Remove all criminal penalties for marijuana possession for adults 21 years and older
  • Allow home cultivation of up to three plants per person
  • Assign the Maryland Comptroller and Department of Agriculture with licensing wholesalers and retail outlets and regulating the cultivation, distribution, and sale of marijuana
  • Tax marijuana at $50 per ounce. Revenues would go toward treatment and prevention programs for drugs and alcohol.

This past November, voters in Colorado and Washington voters made the sensible choice to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol. With your support, we can push for the same sensible change in Maryland. Please use the form below to send an email to your representative urging them to support HB 1453.


Note: this action is only available for Maryland residents