Help Pass a Full Good Samaritan Policy in Oregon

OR: Help Pass a Full Good Samaritan Policy in Oregon

Oregon is well on its way to passing a full, statewide Good Samaritan Policy. SB 839 would exempt a person from arrest and prosecution for certain offenses if evidence of the offense was obtained because emergency medical services or law enforcement agency was contacted to obtain necessary medical assistance due to drug-related overdose. This bill could save thousands of lives by removing the fear of prosecution for those who witness an overdose, where they may have otherwise hesitated to call for emergency medical attention. The bill is currently in the House Committee on Judiciary. We need your help to both ensure no amendments are made to this legislation and to urge your representatives to support this legislation so it can be quickly put into effect. Calling for help should not be a crime; please use the form below to contact your representative today. Please note: this action center is for Oregon residents only