LD 1686 An Act To Address Preventable Deaths from Drug Overdose

Maine: LD 1686 An Act To Address Preventable Deaths from Drug Overdose

Last month, Maine’s House of Representatives Committee on Health and Human Services heard testimony from members of the community about a bill that would expand access to narcan (Naloxone Hcl) and help prevent drug overdoses in Maine.

Last legislative session Governor LePage vetoed a bill that had some of the same provisions and he remarked: “This bill would make it easier for those with substance abuse problems to push themselves to the edge, or beyond. It provides a false sense of security that abusers are somehow safe from overdose if they have a prescription nearby.”

Not allowing access to a potentially life saving drug is inhumane. The message the governor sent when he vetoed the similar measure was that anyone who uses heroin or abuses opioids basically deserves to die and isn’t worth saving.

We know that the people who abuse drugs are somebody’s loved ones… the fact that they made the choice to abuse drugs shouldn’t condemn them to death as the governor would have it. These people need treatment – and Narcan (Naloxone Hcl) can reverse the effects of heroin and opiates almost instantly.

Please take a few minutes out of your schedule and call or contact Governor LePage and let him know that the people of Maine support the sensible and humane practice that is at the center of LD 1686: Providing for the distribution and access to Narcan (Naloxone Hcl).

Here is a link to the bill being considered by the legislature

Below is the governor’s contact information and a sample script and talking points you can use or improve on:

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