Medical Marijuana in New York: the Compassionate Care Act

New York: Medical Marijuana in New York: the Compassionate Care Act

We need your help to pressure the Senate Health Committee! Your support has finally forced the NY Senate to stop stalling and take action to pass medical marijuana. As early as Tuesday (May 13), the Senate Health Committee could vote on the Compassionate Care Act for the first time ever. The Senate has been the only obstacle standing in the way of medical marijuana. But advocates like you have not backed down, and we’ve won new Republican supporters in the Senate. If the bill passes the Senate, medical marijuana is likely to become law in New York. But the first hurdle is to get the bill through the Senate Health Committee. You helped us convince the Senate to move forward. And now it’s time to ensure that our Senators on the Health Committee do the right thing. Seriously ill New Yorkers are counting on you to help relieve their suffering. With a committee vote as soon as tomorrow, we need your help more than ever: Use the form below to urge the NY Senate Health Committee to stand up for seriously ill patients by passing medical marijuana.  This action is no longer available.