PA SB3: Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania: PA SB3: Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

PA Senate Bill 3, the legislation regarding medicinal marijuana for patients that was proposed by senators Mike Folmer (R-48) and Daylin Leach (D-17), has passed the Appropriations Committee as of May 4, 2015. It will be moving to the senate floor very soon! Like its precursor, SB 1182, the bill is expected to once again pass the senate, and Pennsylvania’s new governor, Tom Wolf, has publicly backed this legislationBecause of your hard work, this legislation does not just encompass a handful of qualifying conditions. Moving beyond the more inclusive medical marijuana policy that we called for, Senator Leach has proposed an amendment to do away with the list of qualifying conditions all together, and instead make eligibility based on a doctor’s opinion.
Because of how quickly things can move from here, it is critically important that PA residents call their senators to express support for SB 3. Please use the form below to urge your senator to stand up for Pennsylvania patients by passing medical marijuana.
Please note: this action is available for Pennsylvania residents only.