Pennsylvania Statewide Good Samaritan Policy

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Statewide Good Samaritan Policy

Show your support for enacting a statewide Good Samaritan Policy in Pennsylvania by writing your representative today!

Good Samaritan laws are important life-saving measures. The threat of punitive policies can often cause hesitation during confusing and stressful situations, and the existence of a Call 911 Good Samaritan Policy is essential to ensuring that people are able to stay alive and receive help when they are in trouble.

The Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder recently announced his support for a “mix” of policy solutions including Good Samaritan Policies. We agree with Mr.Holder that calling for help shouldn’t be a crime. Join us in urging Pennsylvania’s lawmakers to pass a Good Samaritan law by filling out the form below!

You can find the legislation’s full text here (senate version), and here (house version)

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