Support Medical Amnesty in Ohio

OH: Support Medical Amnesty in Ohio

911 Good Samaritan Policies (also known as Medical Amnesty Policies) are life-saving measures that enable people to make responsible decisions by shielding them from punishment when they call for medical help during an emergency relating to alcohol or other drugs. Since the threat of punitive policies can often cause hesitation during confusing and stressful party situations, the existence of a Call 911 Good Samaritan Policy is essential to ensuring that people are able to stay alive and receive help when they are in trouble. SSDP chapters in the state of Ohio are forming a coalition to enact a statewide medical amnesty policy in the 2016 legislative session. If you are an Ohio citizen, please take a moment to contact your elected state official by using this form below, and share with your friends! Please only fill out the form if you are an Ohio resident.