Support Medical Marijuana Policy Reform in Michigan

Michigan : Support Medical Marijuana Policy Reform in Michigan

The Michigan Legislature currently has some highly anticipated legislation introduced that would dramatically reform medical marijuana laws in the the State of Michigan. Make sure your state representative hears that you want him or her to support improving access and protections for patients by utilizing our action center. Two of the bills represent key improvements for medical marijuana laws in the state. HB 4271 would protect locally licensed dispensaries to help ensure patients have regular and safe access to their medicine. HB 5104 would create clear legal protection for marijuana extracts, which are often used in edibles. This is particularly important for seriously medical marijuana patients who cannot or prefer not to smoke. These bills are a step in the right direction for the medical marijuana program in Michigan. Please contact your representatives today to show your support for this sensible legislation. Read Full Bill Text Here: HB 4271 and HB 5104   This action is no longer available.