Support Overdose Prevention and Naloxone Access in California

California: Support Overdose Prevention and Naloxone Access in California

A bill was recently introduced in the California State Assembly that would increase access to Narcan (Naloxone). Right now as it stands in California – in order to get Narcan you need a prescription from a doctor. Assembly bill 1535 would make Narcan as available as emergency contraceptives and tobacco cessation products (over the counter).

Narcan is an opioid antagonist, it essentially reverses the effects of an opiate overdose. Narcan is already available in California but expanding access to this life saving drug would only save more lives. Narcan has no effects on those that aren’t users of opioids and has virtually no potential for abuse.

A growing number of government officials have been calling for increased access to Narcan over the past few months, including Attorney General Eric Holder and Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske. Please join us in support of this life saving bill and send out an email to your representative today!

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