Tax and Regulate Marijuana in Arizona

Arizona: Tax and Regulate Marijuana in Arizona

Representative Ruben Gallego from Phoenix has introduced legislation (HB 2558) that would legalize marijuana cultivation, possession, and retail sale for adults in The Grand Canyon State. The full text of the measure can be found here. Right now in Arizona possession of any amount of marijuana is a felony and carries a potential sentence of between 4 months and 2 years and/or a $750 fine. You can find additional information on Arizona penalties here. “We as a state should try to channel what’s already going to occur,” said Rep. Gallego (D). “Right now it is so prevalent that it is practically legal. Everyone knows someone who is doing it or has done it.” If this measure becomes law, Arizona would join Colorado and Washington in becoming the first states to legalize marijuana for adults. Arizona could become the first state to do so by legislative action, rather than by popular ballot. Residents of Arizona: please support this important and historic measure by contacting your representatives using the form below: This action is no longer available.