Virginia: VA HB 1647

Stop Virginia from Enacting Mandatory Reporting of Overdoses

  Rep. Jackson Miller (R-50) has introduced HB 1647, a bill that would require physicians or any other person rendering medical aid to any person for an overdose of a controlled substance to report such aid or treatment to law enforcement along with the patient’s name and address. This bill is a step backwards in the efforts to pass a state-wide Good Samaritan law in Virginia and contradicts another bill (HB 1500) that would provide an affirmative defense for anyone who calls for medical aid due to an overdose. Fear of police involvement or prosecution prevents many people from making life-saving 911 calls during medical emergencies related to overdoses. Hundreds of Virginians die every year from accidental drug overdoses, and passing this legislation would only serve to maintain that status quo. Furthermore, it places unfair responsibilities on physicians who are charged first and foremost with saving lives, not reporting crimes.   Use the form below to contact your representative and let them know that calling for help should not be a crime. HB 1647 has been tabled! Thanks to everyone who talked to their representative about protecting overdose victims from unjust prosecution.