Vote No on HB110 – Ohio Needs Real Medical Amnesty

OH: Vote No on HB110 – Ohio Needs Real Medical Amnesty

Ohio has the second highest number of drug-related overdoses in the nation. Many people witnessing an overdose are scared to call 911 because of the fear of arrest and police involvement. To address this, over thirty states have passed life-saving “911 Good Samaritan” laws that provide immunity from drug possession charges when witnesses to an overdose call 911 for help. The Senate is scheduled to vote soon and we need you to take action today and ask your Senator to pass a strong 911 Good Samaritan law to help save lives in our state.

Rather than passing a strong 911 Good Samaritan bill, the Senate is voting on a bill with many harmful amendments that criminalize overdose victims. These are the bad provisions:

  • Immunity only applies to the first two calls for help;
  • First responders are required to turn over the name and address of overdose victims administered naloxone to law enforcement; police can then try to use the overdose victim as an informant to get intel on drug dealers;
  • The overdose victim must then undergo a mandatory assessment and provide documentation to law enforcement or a warrant will be issued for their arrest.

These bad amendments will bring us back to where we started – with people scared to call 911 and a skyrocketing overdose death rate. Please email your Ohio State Senator today and let them know that Ohioans deserve a strong 911 Good Samaritan policy

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