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SSDP Press Release: Congress is Back for MORE to End Federal Marijuana Prohibition

The reintroduction of the MORE Act would remove federal penalties for marijuana and seek to repair the harms caused by decades of racially biased policing. Today, leaders in the House of Representatives reintroduced a landmark bill to end federal marijuana prohibition and begin to repair the harms caused by decades of disproportionate arrests and prosecutions. The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and

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SSDP Sign-On Letter To Support the MORE Act

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is circulating a sign-on letter for organizations and SSDP chapters to call on House representatives to co-sponsor the MORE Act and bring it to the floor in June. The impact of a simple marijuana arrest on a young person’s life can be drastic. Before the Higher Education Act Aid Elimination Penalty was removed, thousands of

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Statement on Biden Harris First Year Drug Policy Priorities

While we support expanding access to treatment and reducing barriers to young people who are seeking treatment, there are no steps being taken to support YPWUD that do not want to and will not stop using drugs. The administration’s approach to youth drug use does not align with their explicit commitment to “promot[e] harm reduction efforts.”


One Connecticut Marijuana Legalization Bill Promises Important Student Protections

Written by Rob Hofmann ‘16 and Sarah Noon ‘18One of the understated impacts of the War on Drugs is the effect that criminalization of drugs has on young people. Young people (under 18 to 35), especially young people of color, make up a substantial amount of the arrests that occur throughout our half-century disastrous drug war. Because young people are

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What It Means For Us: 2020 U.S. General Election

Written by Abhi Dewan ‘19, U.S. Federal Policy Liaison November 3rd, 2020 was a date many of us were anxiously awaiting. Though it wasn’t until November 7th that we got the complete picture, on the 3rd we knew we’d won. Drug policy reform ballots across the nation toppled the old dogmas surrounding drug use. Oregon became the inaugural state to

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Today Marks the 50th Anniversary of the Controlled Substances Act

Written by Abhi Dewan ‘18, U.S. Federal Policy Liaison 50 years ago today, the House of Representatives voted to list marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance, escalating the war on marijuana. Last week, the House was poised to remedy injustice for those impacted, but instead chose to postpone their scheduled vote on the MORE Act. Though the bill was

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SSDP Statement on MORE Act Vote Postponement

Delaying the MORE Act is Postponing Justice for those Harmed by Marijuana Prohibition Students for Sensible Drug Policy is disappointed in the announcement to postpone the U.S. House vote on the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Opportunity (MORE) Act (HR 3884), which had been announced for a vote the week of September 21st. This news is particularly disappointing because next week

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Take Action: School Congress on Drug Policy

Written by Abhi Dewan '18 and Robert Hofmann '16 Schooling Congress on Drug Policy, the Students for Sensible Drug Policy United States Policy Council’s first week of action starts Tuesday, September 8th. We will be focusing on developing the work of the U.S. Policy Council and sharing action links to get the People’s Justice Guarantee and the MORE Act passed.
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