Endorsements and Positions

What does sensible drug policy mean? To us, it means policy grounded in science and compassion, policies that will move us towards a safer and more just future and away from the ongoing harms caused by the War on Drugs. We support reducing arrests, removing barriers to education, increasing access to harm reduction, and policy driven by young people and members of communities that the policies will be most impactful towards.

Here is our full endorsement criteria.

In order for an initiative, bill, or resolution at the local, state, or federal level to qualify for endorsement, it must further goals supported by the mission of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, must not threaten sensible drug policy for students or young people, and demonstrate an acceptable level of community support. Additionally, Students for Sensible Drug Policy will consider the viability of the initiative, bill, or resolution, interest and support among members, the impact endorsement may have on SSDP, the impact SSDP’s endorsement may have on the bill, and other relevant criteria. An endorsement may be full or conditional and may include any activities in support of the measure SSDP believes are appropriate.

If you have an endorsement request you would like SSDP to consider, please email policy@ssdp.org.

U.S. Federal Endorsements and Positions

Endorsed Legislation and Positions for the 118th Congress
(January 3rd, 2023 – January 5th, 2025)

U.S. State Endorsements and Positions

Endorsed Legislation and Sign-on Statements for State and Local Measures
FY2022-2023 (July 1st, 2022 – June 30th, 2023)

Michigan Initiative for Community Healing (MICH)

General Positions

Drug checking guidelines

We are replacing the disastrous war on drugs with policies rooted in evidence, compassion, and human rights.

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