With thousands of members at hundreds of chapters across the United States and the world, Students for Sensible Drug Policy is working to replace the failed and misguided war on drugs with policies that value public health, human rights, and individual liberties. Invest in a more sensible future by making your tax-deductible donation to SSDP today! Students for Sensible Drug Policy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible.


More Ways to Give

Make a gift directly through PayPal

Gifts of any amount can be made directly through our website. PayPal Gifts can be made through or payments sent to

By joining the Sensible Society

Sensible Society donors pledge minimum gifts at one of four levels on a monthly basis.

Through the mail

Donations via check can only be received by mail. This is the only method for which we do not incur any processing fees. Make your check payable to “Students for Sensible Drug Policy Foundation” and send it to SSDP, 2370 Champlain St NW #12 Washington, DC 20009 .

By phone

Donations via phone are processed using your credit card information through the same system that we use to take online donations through our website. Call us at 202-393-5280 to make a donation over the phone.

By wire transfer

Please call 202-393-5280 or email to receive wire instructions.

In securities

Please call 202-393-5280 or email to receive securities transfer instructions.

With Cryptocurrency

Email for instructions and wallet address.

Workplace Giving Campaign

Workplace giving empowers employees and company leaders to invest in their communities. Write in “Students for Sensible Drug Policy” on your workplace giving form. SSDP participates in the Combined Federal Campaign with the CFC code 98497.

Amazon Shopping

Just click (and bookmark!) this link and shop as you normally would. As long as you get to Amazon via our link, 4-6% of your purchase will go to SSDP. The 4-6% comes from Amazon, and does not add anything to the price that you pay. You will not receive any sort of notification that your purchase counted towards SSDP.

Ebay Giving

Want to sell something on eBay? List it as a giving item to SSDP, and a portion (set by you) of the proceeds from your auction will be donated to SSDP. This donation is paid for by the seller, not eBay.

Airline points

Are you a frequent flyer who’d like to help SSDP by donating airline points or miles? Or an infrequent flyer who might not ever use your miles?  E-mail if you wish to sponsor SSDP staff or student travel to conferences, trainings, and other learning opportunities. (Donations of points are not always tax-deductible – ask your tax advisor.)

We are replacing the disastrous war on drugs with policies rooted in evidence, compassion, and human rights.

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We do this work because the war on drugs is a war on us.

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