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We are replacing the disastrous war on drugs with policies rooted in evidence, compassion, and human rights.

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Intersectionality Committee

Initially founded in 2011 as the Diversity Committee, SSDP’s Intersectionality Committee seeks to ensure SSDP builds an inclusive movement that centers the lived experiences of those directly impacted by the War on Drugs. The committee is open to everyone in the SSDP network to join. The Intersectionality Committee oversees various projects and working groups in addition to raising money for scholarships to the annual SSDP conference. Want to get involved? Email or join our Facebook group.

The Intersectionality Committee’s 2019-2020 objectives:

  • We will create welcoming, open, and safe spaces for all participants in our global movement to ensure the perspectives of directly impacted individuals are centered and represented. We will provide recognition of individuals’ lived experiences, i.e. first-hand accounts and impressions of life as a member of marginalized groups around the world.
  • We will identify and seek to break down barriers preventing marginalized individuals from participating in SSDP events, actions, organizing and advocacy work.
  • We will strive to ensure SSDP events, including conferences, provide a welcoming environment for current and potential members. We will be intentional about making SSDP events and spaces accessible to people who are disabled.
  • SSDP Staff and Board will hold ourselves accountable to dismantling structural racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression through addressing bigotry and discrimination within our network and the movement at large.
  • The Intersectionality Committee will create, compile, and share resources to support a multi-partial, multicultural, ideologically diverse network at all levels of organizing.

To make a gift to support the committee’s work, you may donate through this link or contact Rachel Wissner at