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How to use CAT points for Reform Conference Scholarships

This blog post was copied from the weekly CAT chat. To opt in to those emails, reach out to your outreach coordinator! We want to explain a bit about the SSDP scholarship process for the upcoming Drug Policy Alliance Reform Conference. Reform conferences are one of the premier events in drug policy reform, and SSDP always works hard to have

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SSDP Chapter Leader Studies Drug War in South America

As any SSPDer will know, there are many reasons for college students to become actively involved in ending the international failure that is the “war on drugs,” despite how overwhelming of a project it can appear to be at times. But it is much rarer for colleges to actively engage with students who have dedicated their academic career and future plans

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SSDP Events at the 2013 International Drug Policy Reform Conference

Later this month, more than one thousand drug policy reformers will gather in Denver, Colorado for The International Drug Policy Reform Conference. The Reform Conference is a biennial event, hosted by the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) that brings together people and activists from around the world who believe that the war on drugs is doing more harm than good. More

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UK Lagging in Drug Policy Reform

This article originally published at http://the-libertarian.co.uk/. Drug policy has in much of the world become a major issue as of late. Marijuana policy reforms have been successful in numerous US states, and even seem to have accelerated since the 1990s. There also seems to be great interest in the issue recently in many Latin American countries. High-ranking public figures in the

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Brad Pitt Almost Says Our Name

Drug policy reform is going mainstream in a significant way these days. Brad Pitt, famous actor and heartthrob, is taking on our issue. In a statement issued yesterday, Pitt said, in response to President Obama’s recent statement about not prioritizing federal resources to target users in Colorado and Washington, “The President’s statement reflects a saner and more sensible drug policy,

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SSDP endorses California's Proposition 36

Proposition 36 seeks to reform California’s existing “three strikes” sentencing scheme, which allows for a person to be sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of a third felony crime. The law came into place after the shocking kidnapping and murder in California of 12-year old Polly Klaas in 1993, by a person with prior criminal offenses. Following the

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Growing support to discuss marijuana legalization among students on the right [Video]

This past week, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) drew thousands of politically active minds to Washington, DC to highlight the discourse on the right side of the aisle. Each year, CPAC attracts more and more young people, students in particular, and this year there was noticeably stronger support and willingness to talk about reforming our nations’ drug policies among the those

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New Jersey gets 'smart' on drug offenses

Earlier this week, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced a sweeping change to the way in which the Garden State will handle non-violent drug offenders. Strapped for cash and looking for ways to cut costs where ever possible, the governor announced a comprehensive plan to help keep non-violent drug offenders out of the state’s already overcrowded jails.  But this plan

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