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Statement on Congress Voting to Extend Trump-Era Class-Wide Scheduling and Mandatory Minimum Sentencing of Fentanyl Analogues

Written by Sarah Noon ‘18On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted to extend the Trump-era scheduling of fentanyl analogues, chemically similar substances—an approach that fails to mitigate overdose deaths, to mitigate other harms associated with substance use, and expands the use of harsh mandatory minimum sentencing laws currently set to expire May 6th. Today, the Senate will vote on the

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Statement on Biden Harris First Year Drug Policy Priorities

While we support expanding access to treatment and reducing barriers to young people who are seeking treatment, there are no steps being taken to support YPWUD that do not want to and will not stop using drugs. The administration’s approach to youth drug use does not align with their explicit commitment to “promot[e] harm reduction efforts.”


What It Means For Us: 2020 U.S. General Election

Written by Abhi Dewan ‘19, U.S. Federal Policy Liaison November 3rd, 2020 was a date many of us were anxiously awaiting. Though it wasn’t until November 7th that we got the complete picture, on the 3rd we knew we’d won. Drug policy reform ballots across the nation toppled the old dogmas surrounding drug use. Oregon became the inaugural state to

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