SSDP Report Card for September 2019

The SSDP Report Card for September is out!  Read on for the latest in chapter news, see where our newest chapters have been founded, check out a growing list of events we’re proud to partner on, and — new this month! — a monthly roundup of Just Say Know drug education news and activities. Thank you for staying in touch

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SSDP Just Say Know: Self-Disclosure in the age of Prohibition

Written by Julia Hilbert ‘17 of University of Pittsburgh SSDP with contributions from Frances Fu ‘11 and Kat Humphries ‘10. If you have completed the SSDP Just Say Know peer education training curriculum, or read through the resources in the Self-Disclosure lesson, you have probably realized what I have: that resources regarding self-disclosure of personal drug use are too often

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Introducing ‘SSDP101: History and Overview of SSDP’

In SSDP101, join SSDP’s Executive Director, Betty Aldworth, as she discusses SSDP’s origins and growth into what it is today: an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact of drug abuse on our communities, but who also know that the War on Drugs is failing our generation and our society. SSDP101 is the first in a

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SSDP Just Say Know: Tailoring our program for middle and high school youth

Several months ago, we announced that we hired James Gould ’15 and Sarah Diem ’15 as Interns under the SSDP Just Say Know Peer Education program. James and Sarah are tailoring our Just Say Know resources, which are targeted toward college-age students, for a younger demographic and presenting it to 8th and 11th grade students at a Denver public school.

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SSDP Just Say Know: Introducing our New Interns!

The SSDP Just Say Know program has had a great first year! With updating the resources for the 2nd Edition of the training curriculum (coming soon!), and reformatting the delivery of the training to make it more accessible and easy to complete for all of our students, it is setting up to be even better for next year. Fortunately for
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SSDP Just Say Know: Talking to Your Parents about Drugs

Drug education is a complicated issue. Often, young people are expected to take whatever education is given to them at face value, and expect that the “adults” - their teachers, mentors, elders, and parents - are knowledgeable (and truthful) about the issues. However, when the time comes to ask the really complicated questions about drugs and drug use, youth are
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