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Ayahuasca, Yet Another Prohibited Medicine

This article originally published at http://the-libertarian.co.uk/ Readers have presumably all heard of LSD and the drug commonly known as ecstasy, and I have written here previously about their medical uses. There is another substance being investigated for the treatment of some of the same medical issues, however, and it is similarly restricted by a severe prohibition in US federal law. Ayahuasca

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Psilocybin Restricted Despite Medical Benefits

This article originally published here: http://the-libertarian.co.uk/psilocybin-still-strictly-prohibited-despite-medical-potential/ Two very similar chemicals, psilocybin and psilocin, are the active psychedelic ingredients in many species of mushroom.* Upon seeing the common term “magic mushrooms,” or simply “shrooms,” readers may think of familiar references to the recreational use of the fungi, such as  the Jefferson Airplane song White Rabbit. The former Harvard psychology professor and LSD

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