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Vote Yes on Initiative 71

Written by Greg Gaffney-Bills of George Washington University SSDP On September 14th, the Washington Post came out against Initiative 71, arguing that decriminalization is sounder policy than legalization. There is substantial evidence that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, but the anti-legalization sentiment certainly makes marijuana’s use more dangerous. Initiative 71 eliminates drug dealers’ role and ensures no harmful additives

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Register and Vote on Initiative 71

Written by Greg Gaffney-Bills of George Washington University SSDP Election Day is nearly upon us, but unfortunately, many college students here in the District are unable to vote for or against ballot measures and candidates that will have major impacts on our lives. Not because students are ineligible, or don’t want to vote, but because they haven’t registered. Local elections influence

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Marijuana Decriminalized in DC; some issues unresolved, but a huge victory

On March 4th, 2014, the Washington D.C city council officially passed a bill that decriminalizes marijuana possession in the district. The bill now goes to DC Mayor Vincent Gray for final approval. Gray has previously expressed interest in loosening marijuana laws and is expected to sign it. Once that happens, Congress has 60 days to disallow it before it becomes

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SSDP's 911 Good Samaritan Policy Database Updated

Special thanks to our intern Greg Weeks for researching and compiling this data, as well as writing this blog post. We’ve updated our database of colleges and universities with 911 Good Samaritan (also referred to as medical amnesty) policies! We found and catalogued 186 institutions and 21 states with such policies in place. The full list of schools can be found

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District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray Signs 911 Good Samaritan Act

On Friday, December 7, District of Columbia Mayor Vincent C. Gray signed the Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Amendment Act of 2012 (#B19-754). The legislation provides limited legal protection for those who witness or experience a drug overdose and summon medical assistance. The legislation now goes before the United States Congress for review, as required by federal law. A coalition comprised

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911 Good Samaritan Legislation Introduced in Washington, DC

A bill that would provide immunity from legal repercussions for minor drug offenses when calling for emergency aid during an overdose was introduced in the Council of the District of Columbia on Tuesday. Council members Phil Mendelson and Tommy Wells are sponsors of the legislation.   Currently titled the “Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Amendment Act of 2012,” Bill B19-0754 would

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Announcing GW Law, SSDP's Newest Official Chapter!

The Mid-Atlantic region has a new chapter! We’re proud to announce that the George Washington University Law School chapter is now official! I spoke with rockstar chapter leader Kellen Russoniello to find out what the journey has been like so far and what’s in store for the chapter moving forward.   When did you get involved in SSDP and why?

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House Cuts Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign to Zero

When I attended SSDP’s National Training Conference and Lobby Day in March 2011, one presenter after another told me we had the power to make the change we want to see in the world. I have to say that I was a little skeptical.   The main focus of the conference was to train me and my fellow student activists how

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