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Experiencing the 55th Commission on Narcotic Drugs: A Student Reflects

At the Madrid Airport, the pc that a friend lent me stopped working. It was kind of funny, I mean, travelling was an exciting concept, and maybe that poor machine couldn’t handle that kind of stress. Not only was this my very first trip to Europe, the purpose for travelling was exciting in and of itself: attending the 55th meeting of the United Nations

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More of the same or inching towards change?

Last week, SSDP made its grand debut at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs meeting in Vienna, Austria.  This wasn’t the first time that SSDP had participated in the proceedings (many NGO representatives remembered Kris Krane’s much-lauded intervention in the “Beyond 2008” discussions), however it was the first time that SSDP arrived bearing Special Consultative Status from the Economic and Social

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The High Times Guide to Higher Education

On stands now is the October 2011 issue of High Times magazine with our annual feature listing the top 20 schools for marijuana activism, here are some highlights, get yourself a copy to read the full article. 1. Northern Illinois University– Last year NIU’s SSDP chapter was labeled by school officials to be “political” and therefore ineligible to receive funding or official recognition

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Real Drug Policy Debate

A recent report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy opens with the straightforward claim: “The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world.” In The Wall Street Journal, former Secretary of State and honorary commission chair George P. Shultz decries our approach to America’s drug problem by arguing that criminalizing the entire

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The Last Sacred Cow

In the video above, Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) director Julie Stewart speaks during a briefing on Capitol Hill titled, “The Last Sacred Cow: How Congress Can Cut Criminal Justice Spending Without Compromising Public Safety.” The briefing featured prominent conservative leaders such as Tim Lynch of the Cato Institute and Grover Norquist, highlighting the importance of criminal justice reform. FAMM has put

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Drugs and Peru

It’s a trend blowing through electoral politics and drug policy around the Americas. Last year, Mexico’s Felipe Calderon mentioned having a debate about legalizing drugs; last month, U.S. President Barack Obama told a YouTube audience that the debate needs to take place; Colombia’s President Santos has joined this chorus, now for a second time; in late January Bolivia sought and failed to achieve an

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SSDP and ACLU hold California Criminal Justice series

A Critical Eye on Criminal Justice The students of Golden Gate Law School’s American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are proud to host a series of panels designed to educate, inform, and reflect on California’s criminal justice system. We encourage your attendance to provide insight and speak with others concerning California’s criminal justice system. Please see below for more information about

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Marijuana Legalization Reaches House Floor

Believe it or not, two weeks ago marked the first time in history that a member of Congress specifically called for taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol — from the floor of the House of Representatives! During debate over a terrible pro-drug war resolution that was cynically fast-tracked through the House by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the lone member to rise in opposition

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