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Let's Talk About Drug War Economics

Tax Day. That dreadful deadline that we all have to meet is just around the corner. When most people think about Tax Day they don’t often think about drug policy, but maybe they should be. Every year in the United States, we spend more than $51,000,000,000 on drug prohibition. That is a significant portion of your tax money being spent

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The Economics of the Drug Trade and War on Drugs (Infographic)

Image courtesy http://visualeconomics.creditloan.com/losing-effort-the-united-states-war-on-drugs/

Milton Friedman’s Century

2012 is the centennial of Milton Friedman’s birth, and the Free To Choose Network has organized a worldwide effort to celebrate the winning ideas of freedom. The Free to Choose network is offering organizations like SSDP, and our chapters, many ways to get involved in the celebration; including documentary screenings, speaking engagements, and a “what Milton means to me” video contest with a

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