SSDP Mexico Students Tackle Drug Policy in Bolivia

Over the last month, Abril Galván Ferrera and Jorge Antonio Aragón of EPSD(SSDP) Mexico have been working at the Kuymi Center in La Paz, Bolivia. A project conceived by the EPSD Bolivia chapter, Acción Semilla, and AIESEC, the Kuymi Center utilizes art and evidence-based education to educate Bolivian citizens and students about the harms of the War on Drugs and

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Marijuana’s Path to Legality in Mexico

Written by Arturo Lua Castillo, SSDP’s Latin America Policy Intern. Although marijuana legalization in Mexico lacks appeal amongst much of the public and is still a subject of stigma and misinformation, the country has recently taken crucial steps towards legalization. A Different Process In the United States, marijuana policy reform has primarily taken shape through state-wide ballot initiatives which have resulted

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Notes for Critical Thinking about Bolivian Drug Policy – Introduction

*The following is a translated text, originally written in Spanish by Patricia Chulver Benitez of Estudiantes por una Política Sensata de Drogas, Bolivia (SSDP Bolivia). This is the first of a three-part series outlining the challenges to sensible drug policy in South America, specifically in Bolivia. It is our hope that these narratives can shed light on the amount of

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Magic Mushrooms, Tourism, and the Erasure of Mazatec Culture

Written by Gabriel Eduardo Estrada Martínez, a member of Estudiantes Estudiantes por una Política Sensata de Drogas, Mexíco (SSDP Mexíco) and an indigenous Mazateco currently doing anthropological research on the use of sacred plants in Mexico. Translation by Arturo González. For any country, the objective of tourism is to help bolster the economy by exposing native art, magic, and nature to curious

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Gana La Mota en USA

Escrito por el líder del EPSD México Héctor Joel Anaya. Este artículo apareció originalmente en La Dosis.  Es un hecho Donald Trump fue electo como presidente de los Estados Unidos, y Arizona no obtuvo la mayoría de los votos necesarios para legalizar la cannabis en su territorio. Y a pesar de que el futuro del mercado y de la regulación

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Recapping the 2016 Latin America Regional Conference

Written by Héctor Joel Anaya From 3rd to 4th November, students from around Latin America attended our first Latin American Regional Conference in Morelia, Michoacán. Morelia is one of the states that has been most affected by the Mexican Drug War since former president Felipe Calderon started it ten years ago. The conference was divided into three big topics; health, policy, and

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SSDP on the Caravan for Peace

  Miguel, Amaya and I are onboard Bus #2 of the Caravan for Peace organized by the Movement for Peace and Justice with Dignity. We are crossing the United States from the west coast to the east coast, going south of the Rio Grande to the Great Lakes area of Chicago, beginning in the August summer in San Diego and

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