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SSDP Supporting Student Speech Rights at the Supreme Court

Written with support from Kat Murti ‘09 and Jason Ortiz ‘08 In 2017, a Pennsylvania public school student identified as ‘B.L.’ expressed her frustration about not making the varsity cheerleading squad on Snapchat. Despite the app’s reputation and purpose, the image she sent on a Saturday and out of class (including many profanities) was saved and ended up in the

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SSDP and International Students for Liberty 2011

I was invited to speak at this weekend’s 2011 International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington D.C. This was my first experience as a speaker at a conference over 500. I found out fairly early on that nearly every state in the U.S. had registered, and that 25 countries were also registered. I met people from Romania, Australia, UK, Nigeria,

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Northern Illinois Universtiy SSDP Recognized

After SSDP’s chapter at Northern Illinois University was denied recognition as an official group on campus and told that they could not apply for funding, hold meetings on campus or even post flyers promoting events or causes, they took action to protect student free speech. It wasn’t an easy battle, but SSDP prevailed and have been given full recognition by NIU. Northern Illinois

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