Be inspired by our rock star student members at Ferris State University

The best part of working at Students for Sensible Drug Policy is hearing amazing stories every day about what our members are doing to end the War on Drugs and protect their communities from the harms caused by drug prohibition. If you’re as inspired by their work as I am, please make a gift to support the students who are

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Last night was a victory for our movement

Congratulations to all of our allies and colleagues on their promising election results! Students for Sensible Drug Policy was honored to support the four statewide cannabis initiatives this year by running the national youth GOTV phone banks, placing calls to nearly 13,000 voters in Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, and Utah. In Michigan, our Field Manager Nick Zettell ‘09 mobilized on

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October 2016 Monthly Mosaic: Election 2016 and the War on Drugs

The days are quickly ticking down to November 8th, and we’re all feeling the pressure to make sure we’re informed, registered to vote, and know who and what we’ll be voting for. The U.S. is gearing up to chose our next president, cannabis initiatives are on the ballot in nine states, and, of course, there are several down ballot elections

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Students for Sensible Drug Policy Endorses Amendment 64

I’m reporting to you live from on the ground in Colorado, where I’m helping to get out the marijuana vote in the final days before the election! Our students all over the country have been making thousands of phone calls to Colorado voters, and now we’re here on the front lines activating voters and helping push Amendment 64 over the

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