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SSDP International is launching applications for the International Impact Grant on 15 June 2021!

SSDP International is launching applications for the International Impact Grant on 1 July 2021!


SSDP International’s First Annual Report (2019-2020) Has Been Released

Throughout 2019-2020, the whole world faced some serious challenges. In the face of these challenges, young drug policy activists showed tireless commitment to fighting for the rights or people who use drugs and advocating for policies grounded in human rights. This year, the resilience of our movement was put to the test and once again, we have proven the strength

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SSDP Budapest’s International Panel for Support. Don’t Punish

SSDP’s international organising and relations is funded through the International Activities Fund. Please make a gift here here. Author: Beatrix Vas ‘ 19, SSDP Budapest Chapter Leader On June 26th, for the Support. Don’t Punish. Global Day of Action, Students for Sensible Drug Policy Budapest held a panel discussion titled “Young People in Drug Policy.” We were lucky enough to
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Our global fight has never been more important

In the midst of our global public health crisis, vulnerable populations across the world are suffering the most, particularly people who use drugs, who lack access to health care and whose human rights are systematically denied. Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s global fight for the health, dignity, and rights of people who use drugs has never been more important.  Our
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3 Ways You Can Help Our Global Network

We just had our most accessible and diverse conference to date, and we hope you all really enjoyed it! We want to make sure we can make SSDP as accessible as possible for our members across the globe all year round. If you want to see some of the incredible achievements by the Global Program this year, take a look

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