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SSDP International’s First Annual Report (2019-2020) Has Been Released

Throughout 2019-2020, the whole world faced some serious challenges. In the face of these challenges, young drug policy activists showed tireless commitment to fighting for the rights or people who use drugs and advocating for policies grounded in human rights. This year, the resilience of our movement was put to the test and once again, we have proven the strength

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The War on Drugs in the Philippines

THE WAR ON DRUGS IN THE PHILIPPINES November 2017 Contributions The SSDP Mosaic is edited by Elise Szabo and Kat Murti. This issue features contributions by Jake Agliata and Justine Balane. Take Action Do an SSDP DARE and add your points on theSSDP Chapter Activity Tracker! – Share The SSDP Mosaic on Facebook or Twitter using#SSDPMosaic. (10 points) – USA: Contact your congressional representative

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