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The Conference Crash is Real! How to Decompress after #SSDP2017 – From the Archive

Written by SSDP Alum Irina Alexander. Originally posted March 30, 2017 3 days?! Was that really just 3 days? No way. It’d be against the rules of physics to squeeze that many new lifelong friendships, moving stories, cuddle (and huddle) puddles, and most inspiring panels in SSDP history all into the finite confines of 72 hours… right? If you’re like

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UMD SSDP helps pass Good Samaritan Policy

Four years ago, as a sophomore at the University of Maryland (and at the time President of the UMD SSDP chapter), I was elected to the University Senate, the most powerful policy making body on campus, comprised of 90% faculty, and 10% students. In an effort to place myself in a position to influence campus drug policy, I sought and received

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