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A Response to the Brooklyn K2 Overdoses

In response to an article comparing people under the influence of the synthetic cannabis substance K2 to “the walking dead,” CUNY Baruch SSDP chapter leader Leland Radovanovic submitted the following editorial to the NY Daily News.  Prohibition strikes again, this time in the form of a synthetic pseudo cannabinoid created as an alternative to cannabis that doesn’t show up on

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The Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana and How Passing Initiative 71 will Help

Written by Kevin Akpan, SSDP Stories Intern, and Greg Gaffney-Bills, Policy and Legislative Affairs Director at George Washington University Synthetic marijuana, a byproduct of the United States’ war on drugs, is killing Americans. In August 2012, officials in Davie, FL banned the sale of some forms of synthetic marijuana after 30-year-old Tod Parkinson was found dead on his kitchen floor, near packages labeled

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Shameful anti-drug ad campaign spreads misinformation to DC youth (we're shocked)

On my way home from the office last week, this new print advertisement caught my eye. The ad, sponsored by DC public health officials, warns that if you use “fake weed,” you may turn into a zombie. This point is punctuated by a photo of a young female zombie dressed to the nines for prom with her seemingly oblivious date

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Prohibition: Maybe It Will Work This Time?

              Today, the Drug Enforcement Administration published this press release commending Congress on passing an amendment to the the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act that bans a host of chemical compounds. I wouldn’t exactly call it innovative, but rather more of the same failed ideology that we have come to expect

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