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SSDP Welcomes Lewis and Clark Law School Chapter

I’m thrilled to introduce Kaitlyn Dent, the founder of Students for Sensible Drug Policy at Lewis and Clark Law School. Kaitlyn is originally from Michigan. She double majored in Psychology and Film & Theatre as an undergraduate in Northern California, and is now a 2L in law school in Portland at Lewis and Clark Law School. “A sensible drug policy to

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SSDP Students Seek to Unite Marijuana Law Reform Movements in Oregon and California

This past weekend, our students at the Lewis and Clark Law School and University of Southern California made SSDP history while hosting back to back marijuana legalization initiative forums in California and Oregon. With four initiatives currently circulating Oregon, and five in California, our students organized public forums to address the initiatives themselves, and unite cannabis reformers around one campaign

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Oregon SSDP Chapters Hosting Conference For Marijuana Legalization

Oregon’s Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapters seek unity in the legalization movement by hosting a conference to rally behind a single marijuana legalization initiative. Will 2012 be the year Oregon finally votes to legalize marijuana? “Only if we work together,” declare Oregon’s united chapters of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). In order to propel the Oregon marijuana legalization

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Chapter Leader Spotlight: Bradley Steinman

Bradley Steinman is one of SSDP’s newest activists and he’s already jumping into the world of drug policy reform with impressive ideas for building SSDP’s chapter network at law schools around the country. Bradley is forming SSDP’s first chapter at the Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. In the last year SSDP has, not surprisingly, seen a rise in interest from

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