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Re-Examining our Approach to Drug Policy Reform in the South

Written by Evan Eisenberg, President, University of South Florida SSDP I had the opportunity to attend the invitation-only second meeting of the New Southern Strategy Coalition in Durham, North Carolina on February 7th and 8th. With leadership and funding from the Drug Policy Alliance, the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, the Georgia Justice Project and  many other social justice-oriented organizations

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Lessons from Dr. King

With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day coming up, it’s important to take note from the civil rights movement and the lessons of Dr. King. Our fight for drug policy reform is in many ways very similar to the civil rights movement. There are of course key differences between the two, and I don’t mean to say that our strife is

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President Jimmy Carter Rips the Drug War

In an op-ed with the New York Times, former U.S. President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter has come out strongly in opposition to the war on drugs and in favor of the recommendations put forward by the Global Commission on Drug Policy in this recent report. Check out the above clip from The Last Word with Lawerence O’Donnel that features

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