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SSDP Gains Another Chapter in the Midwest

SSDP is excited to announce the establishment of another chapter! This time, our latest addition comes to us from Springfield, Missouri where chapter leader, Zach Altland, started Students for Sensible Drug Policy at Missouri State University. Zach was faced with several obstacles when he decided to start his chapter in the conservative state of Missouri, but he persisted and today

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SSDP Welcomes Saint Charles Community College Chapter!

Name: Duell Lauderdale School: Saint Charles Community College Position: Chapter Founder and President SSDP: How did you hear about SSDP?  Duell: I went to University of Missouri my freshman year of college before returning home to community college in St. Charles, MO. That year I was involved with NORML and along the way I learned that they were partnered with SSDP (at the

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