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Summary of Activities for SSDP's Model UNGASS General Assembly Session

Written by Rachelle Yeung ’12, President of SSDP’s Mid-Atlantic Region Alumni Association and co-host of This Week in Drugs. SSDP would like to thank our UNGASS Advisory Committee for devoting their time and expertise towards ensuring students were well prepared for the event. In addition to advising us on the format for the event, advisory committee members reviewed country position

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Summary of Activities from Day One of SSDP's Model UNGASS

The first day of SSDP’s Model UNGASS is in the books. Delegates convened into three committees in order to approve recommendations that will be brought forth to the General Assembly session today at 1:30pm. What follows is a summary of the discussions in all three committees, as recorded by several student observers. For a description of each committee and the

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