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SSDP Welcomes the Montana State University Chapter!

I’m so proud to announce SSDP’s newest addition, Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana! I spoke with chapter founder and current leader Anthony Varriano about starting the chapter and his plans for moving it forward;   How did you hear about SSDP? I heard of SSDP through my work with the Gary Johnson campaign. During a conference call we had a

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Stop the Raids

Despite the Department of Justice memo advising the DEA and federal prosecutors not to spend resources arresting medical marijuana patients and raiding medical marijuana providers in states that have passed legislation protecting these people, federal agents have recently shut down 26 medical cannabis dispensaries in Montana and California. Just Say Now, SSDP’s partnership with Firedoglake has written a letter telling Attorney

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Miley Cyrus Brings Legal Drug Use to Headlines

Move over Wikileaks. We’ve got Miley Cyrus with a bong. Tripping on Salvia. On camera. Seriously folks, this could be a big deal for drug policy. Miley Cyrus practically is America. She’s adored by millions of children and adults alike. Her dad is responsible for making the mullet a temporarily acceptable haircut. And now lil’ Miley has to go and

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