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SSDP Welcomes the Portland State University Chapter

Meet Cody Prouty, the chapter leader of Students for Sensible Drug Policy at Portland State University. He is currently a 3rd year studying biochemistry and psychology. Cody has always been interested in pharmacology, drug policy, and how stigma and misconceptions around drugs and drug users arise. This summer, he watched a lecture given by David Nutt and Amanda Fielding from

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SSDP Chapter Leaders Run for Student Government at Portland State University

Two of our very own SSDP rockstars are running for student government! Portland State University is currently holding elections for its student government body and the chapter leaders of Portland State SSDP, Greta Gibbens and Romain Bonilla, have volunteered as tribute to represent their fellow students and promote sensible drug policies on their campus. For close to a year, Greta

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Chapter Leader of the Week

Name: Romain Bonilla School: Portland State University Region: Western Major: Communications Romain Tabling for SSDP on Campus   SSDP: When did you first get involved with SSDP? Romain: In 2009, while I was studying at Saint Cloud State University. I had become interested in drug law reform when I first moved to the United States in 2008. SCSU had a few pro-liberty student groups,

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