Medical Marijuana in Israel

This blog post originally published on http://the-libertarian.co.uk. Medical marijuana, though not entirely new in Israel, is apparently still a point of contention among some in the country. Dr. Leonid Eidelman, chairman of the Israel Medical Association, has expressed strong opposition to a proposal to treat marijuana like other prescription medications. The proposed bill, introduced by two members of the Knesset

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Ayahuasca, Yet Another Prohibited Medicine

This article originally published at http://the-libertarian.co.uk/ Readers have presumably all heard of LSD and the drug commonly known as ecstasy, and I have written here previously about their medical uses. There is another substance being investigated for the treatment of some of the same medical issues, however, and it is similarly restricted by a severe prohibition in US federal law. Ayahuasca

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On LSD's Medical Potential

This article originally published at the-libertarian.co.uk. As I mentioned in a recent article, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is funding MDMA PTSD research as its top priority. However, the organization also seeks to allow the medical use of certain other Schedule I drugs. These include the well-known psychedelic drug LSD, so called as an abbreviation for its German name, Lysergsäure-diathylamid

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MDMA Still Harshly Restricted, Despite Medical Benefits

This blog post originally appeared at http://the-libertarian.co.uk. It is perhaps common knowledge that marijuana, though not legally available for recreational use, is now widely used for medical purposes. Twenty US states have signed effective medical marijuana measures into law, as well as the District of Columbia, along with a variety of other nations including Canada, Austria and the Czech Republic. The

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