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AMPLIFYers Roots of Creation Need Your Help

When the AMPLIFY project was launched in 2009, the primary idea behind the program was to create a mutually beneficial relationship with touring bands that support our work to bring sensible reform to our nation’s drug policies. One of the AMPLIFY artists that have best exemplified this relationship over the years is Roots of Creation. Self-described as a Reggae/Rock Dubtronica

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AMPLIFY Our Voice in Fall 2014!

Festival season is winding down and tour season is gearing right back up! We’re incredibly excited to give you all an update of our work over the past few months as well as the inside scoop to all the big plans in store for the rest of the year and beyond. Well lets get to it then! Summer 2014 News &

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Volunteer for AMPLIFY this fall!

AMPLIFY artist Slightly Stoopid wraps up their Seedless Summer tour this weekend. They’ll be in Raleigh, NC tonight at the Raleigh Amphitheatre, Friday in Columbus, OH at the LC Pavilion, and Saturday in Chicago at the Charter One Pavilion. SSDP will be present at the Columbus and Chicago dates, and thanks to our awesome AMPLIFY volunteers, we’ve been popping up on the tour

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