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How Can Putin Solve Russia’s Drug Crisis?

Written by Sara Velimirovic, SSDP UNGASS Coordinator Intern and Ambassador at the Paris Institute of Political Studies Sciences Po A heroin epidemic is rampaging across Russia, and President Vladimir Putin seems to be dealing with this issue through a drug-war-like strategy. In other words, he is adding fuel to the fire while ignoring a smarter way to deal with this public health

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Russia's Draconian Tactics Aimed at Drug Users

“A total war on drugs” was just announced by the Speaker of the Russian Duma, Boris Gryzlov. The Guardian reports that Gryzlov, a close ally of Prime Minister Putin, wants drug dealers “treated like serial killers.” The hard-line, criminal justice approach flies in the face of recent suggestions to treat drug use as a public health issue. The Russian Government immediately dismissed the suggestion last week

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