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Statement on Congress Voting to Extend Trump-Era Class-Wide Scheduling and Mandatory Minimum Sentencing of Fentanyl Analogues

Written by Sarah Noon ‘18On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted to extend the Trump-era scheduling of fentanyl analogues, chemically similar substances—an approach that fails to mitigate overdose deaths, to mitigate other harms associated with substance use, and expands the use of harsh mandatory minimum sentencing laws currently set to expire May 6th. Today, the Senate will vote on the

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DACA: The Status Today and Why Drug Reformers Should Care

Written by Arturo Lua Castillo, SSDP’s Latin America Policy Intern. Arturo has previously written about DACA here.  DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is an immigration policy designed to give those who arrived undocumented in the US as children a chance to legally attend school and work. The justification for passing this policy was that many of these immigrants came

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SSDP Condemns Trump’s Executive Order on Immigrants and Refugees

Last Friday’s decision by President Trump to halt all immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries has been met with fervent opposition by U.S. civil society. Notable were the thousands of people who protested at airports, the hundreds of lawyers volunteering their time to help immigrants being detained, and a 15,000 person march in Washington, DC. As a global organization dedicated to

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Moving forward in the wake of a Trump presidency

  As our executive director Betty Aldworth said in the wake of the 2016 elections, “Our fight has never been more important.” SSDP students participated in fantastic victories in almost every state in which marijuana policy was up for a vote. At the same time, with every cabinet appointment made by the newly elected president, it seems less and less

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