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2012 Midwest Regional SSDP Conference This Weekend

This weekend, our chapter at the University of Michigan will be hosting the 2012 Midwest Regional SSDP Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This conference serves to unite the Midwest SSDP chapter network for a weekend of education, discussion, networking, training workshops, and expert presentations aimed to help us refine our skills as advocates for ending the destructive war on drugs. We

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Drug war related deaths top 45,000 in Mexico

On January 11, 2012, the Mexican Attorney Generals Office (AGO) released the latest casualty figures in the government’s war against organized criminal groups.  The AGO confirmed that there have been 47, 515 drug related killings since December 2006—when President Calderon gave the military full rein to combat drug trafficking and organized crime.  To put this in perspective, in Afghanistan, there

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