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Impressions from The 2017 European Ibogaine Forum

Written by Aria and Miri of University of Vienna SSDP The European Ibogaine Forum took place in Vienna, Austria from September 8-10, 2017. It was the first international meeting of its kind held in Vienna and an indication that a new wave of psychedelic research and culture has reached Austria. Although Vienna is home to the United Nations Office on Drugs

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Report on the CND Intersessional Meetings

Written by Orsi Fehér of SSDP Austria The Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) assembled in Vienna the last week of September for a series of intersessional meetings focused on the follow-up to the UNGASS outcome document. Each day was dedicated to debating one of the first few chapters of the document, which was finalized during the 2016 special session. Topics

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3rd CND Intersessional – An Update on Global Drug Policy

Written by Orsi Fehér, chapter leader of SSDP Österreich (SSDP Austria).  Three of us SSDPers from Austria found ourselves in a less than crowded meeting room at the Vienna International Center on the morning of Tuesday 6 June, where member states convened for the 3rd Intersessional Meeting of the United Nations’ Commission on Narcotic Drugs. For the past week, we’ve been pondering: what

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SSDP Members in Austria Campaign for Medical Cannabis

Written by Orsi Fehér, founder of University of Vienna SSDP in Vienna, Austria On May 26, the two founding members of SSDP Austria marched alongside supporters of medical Cannabis to hand over 10,000 signatures to Dr. Harald Dossi, the director of Parliament, in defense of sensible drug policies. The action in Vienna on Friday was led by Hemp Institute spokesman

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