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Medical Amnesty Bill introduced in Virginia House thanks to VCU SSDP

Written by VCU SSDP co-President Rose Bono Our SSDP chapter has been working on getting a medical amnesty (Good Samaritan) policy passed for several years now. We started locally, asking Virginia Commonwealth University to adopt this sensible policy. Unfortunately, we were told that because our school is under the city’s jurisdiction and the city is under the state’s jurisdiction, VCU

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Virginia Commonwealth University Chapter's Lobby Day at the VA General Assembly

Written by Jurriaan van den Hurk This past Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, our Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) chapter traveled to the Virginia General Assembly in downtown Richmond to speak with state legislators about several bills related to drug policy in the upcoming session, as well as our ongoing statewide medical amnesty (911 Good Samaritan) policy campaign.   The Process: As a

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The High Times Guide to Higher Education

On stands now is the October 2011 issue of High Times magazine with our annual feature listing the top 20 schools for marijuana activism, here are some highlights, get yourself a copy to read the full article. 1. Northern Illinois University– Last year NIU’s SSDP chapter was labeled by school officials to be “political” and therefore ineligible to receive funding or official recognition

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Virginia SSDP Lobbies House of Delegates

Like many states, Virginia arrests more people for marijuana than all other illicit drugs combined. In fact, almost 20,000 people were arrested in 2008 alone. Recently, members of Virginia Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapters collaborated with drug policy reformers across the state to organize a statewide lobbying day in support of marijuana decriminalization. If passed, VA HB 1443 would have decriminalized simple

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