Deputy Director

Stacia Cosner


Anastacia “Stacia” Cosner is the Deputy Director for Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

Her areas of responsibility include: management, finances, administration, event planning, program implementation, development, communication, and data.

She was hired as an Outreach Director in June 2009, was promoted to Associate Director in January 2011, then promoted to Deputy Director in June 2013.

While a sophomore at the University of Maryland in 2006, Stacia spent her summer in the national SSDP office as an intern.

Student Activism

Stacia got involved with drug policy when she joined the campus SSDP chapter as a freshman at the University of Maryland, College Park in 2005. The next year, she was elected President of the UMD SSDP chapter, a role she served from 2006-2008.

While on campus, Stacia was elected to the University Senate, where she pushed for the equalization of judicial sanctions for marijuana and underage drinking and introduced a Good Samaritan Policy that was recently adopted by the University Senate. Under her leadership in 2006, the UMD chapter received SSDP’s “Most Outstanding Chapter” award. As a student, she received SSDP’s “Rising Star” award in 2006 and “Outstanding Student Activist” in 2007.

Also during her time as an undergrad, Stacia testified before the Maryland state legislature on several occasions regarding bills dealing with financial aid eligibility, felony voter disenfranchisement, mandatory minimum sentences, medical marijuana, Good Samaritan practices, among others.

Stacia was elected to SSDP’s national board of directors in 2006, serving her first year as Secretary and second year as Vice Chair.

Professional History

Prior to being hired by SSDP in June 2009, Stacia completed internships with Students for Sensible Drug Policy (2006), the Marijuana Policy Project (2007), the Institute for Humane Studies (2008), and DRCNet/ (2009).

Personal Life

On Wednesdays during the summer, you can find Stacia playing softball on the national mall with The One Hitters, a co-ed congressional league softball team comprised of DC drug policy reformers and friends.  She joined the team during her time as an SSDP intern in 2006, and became co-captain in 2012.  Stacia likes to brag about The One Hitters’ impressive record and the few weeks in June 2013 when the team went undefeated for their first 8 games and ranked #1 (out of 83 teams) in the Congressional Softball League. (They’re currently still in the top 8 with a record of 8-2). Stacia has been playing softball for about 20 years, and is very proud of her 3 home runs. She plays outfield, catcher and pitcher.

Stacia’s younger brother, Buddy Cosner, is also involved with the movement to end the war on drugs, participating in SSDP events and testifying in favor of marijuana decriminalization in the Maryland statehouse.

Stacia lives in the Bloomingdale neighborhood in Washington, DC with her partner of four years, Jonathan Monaghan.

Fun Facts

  • In 2008, Stacia studied abroad in holland for six months at Universiteit Leiden in Leiden, Netherlands.
  • Stacia was a competitive cheerleader for nearly ten years.
  • In June 2007, Stacia was named “Freedom Fighter of the Month” in High Times magazine.
  • Stacia’s car was featured in the film “10 Rules for Dealing with Police.”



Office: (202) 393-5280

Direct: (410) 299-3433

Mailing Address: 1011 O Street NW #1, Washington DC 20001

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