SSDP UNG Oconee Flyer

Flyer announcing the first meeting of University of North Georgia Oconee SSDP chapter. "Let's end the drug war" features prominently on the top left of the page, the "SSDP Start Making Sense" logo is featured on the top right of the flyer. Below the Logo, the text reads "join us for our inaugural meeting from 12:00 to 12:50 on Wednesday, September 4, 2019!" To the left of this text is another text which reads "Students for Sensible Drug Policy is dedicated to conveying evidence-based information, educating harm reduction techniques, learning to identify drug misuse, reforming drug policy at all levels (from campus to international), and facilitating the long overdue stigma-free open discussion of drugs." At the bottom of the flyer it reads "Text @ssdpocn to 81010 for updates. -No spam, we promise!-"