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Action: U.S Policy Council Collecting Comments for Senate Cannabis Legalization Bill

The Offices of Senator Schumer, Booker, and Wyden are accepting comments on specific parts of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA), the Senate cannabis legalization bill released in July. The U.S Policy Council is collecting comments to submit on behalf of SSDP.  Much like the MORE Act in the House, the CAOA would remove marijuana from the federal Controlled

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Take Action for International Overdose Awareness Day 2021

This year is the 20th anniversary of International Overdose Awareness Day. With over half a million people dying as a result of drug use annually, it has never been more important. On the 31st of August every year, we publicly mourn, educate people on drugs to prevent overdose, and advocate for better drug policies. We are calling on SSDPers everywhere to run events as part of the campaign.


SSDP Sign-On Letter To Support the MORE Act

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is circulating a sign-on letter for organizations and SSDP chapters to call on House representatives to co-sponsor the MORE Act and bring it to the floor in June. The impact of a simple marijuana arrest on a young person’s life can be drastic. Before the Higher Education Act Aid Elimination Penalty was removed, thousands of

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Statement on Supreme Court Decision to Lift Restrictions on Sentencing Juveniles to Life Without Parole

A week ago, the Supreme Court ruled to lift restrictions on hard-line sentencing and mandatory minimums—making it easier for juveniles to be sentenced to life without parole. The ruling is in favor of harsh sentencing and mandatory minimums—overruling precedent to reform the U.S criminal justice system and undermining decades of reform meant to bring compassion and reason to youth sentencing. 

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Your SSDP 2020 Wrapped: Our Top Ten of 2020

In spite of the many challenges of 2020, Students for Sensible Drug Policy made some incredible accomplishments this year. Through the challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic, upending of campus life, and rapid shifts in change-making strategies, we’ve seen our network members step up and reinvent the ways we organize. SSDP’s vision of a post-prohibition future where safety, justice, and

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Take Action: School Congress on Drug Policy

Written by Abhi Dewan '18 and Robert Hofmann '16 Schooling Congress on Drug Policy, the Students for Sensible Drug Policy United States Policy Council’s first week of action starts Tuesday, September 8th. We will be focusing on developing the work of the U.S. Policy Council and sharing action links to get the People’s Justice Guarantee and the MORE Act passed.
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Take Action to Ban Facial Recognition on Campus

Recently, we announced the launch of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Fight for the Future’s #BanFacialRecognition campaign. Facial recognition is invasive, biased, and a threat to everyone's basic rights and safety -- which you can read about in this article about our campaign on Vice. SSDP recognizes that mass criminalization and mass incarceration are consequences of prohibitionist policies. Thus,
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