Global Member Highlight


40 under 40 Black Champions of Cannabis

By Jacob Plowden The group of unsung heroes below are the rising stars of cannabis justice and represent the folks that are far too often not given the shine they deserved for the mountains they have moved to reduce incarceration, create economic opportunity for those who have suffered from prohibition, and building a more inclusive and powerful movement to finally

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Global Member Highlight: Isabella Ross ’20

Written by Isabella Ross ‘20, Co-Project Leader of the Just Say Know Peer Education Programme for SSDP University College of London What is your name? My name is Isabella Ross. What SSDP chapter are you a part of? I’m part of SSDP University College London. Where are you from? What is something you love about your country and/or culture? I’m

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Global Member Highlight: Arvy Kumar ’18

Written by Jacob Chagnon ’17 Jacob: For this week’s Member Highlight, we’re highlighting Aravind ‘Arvy’ Kumar ‘18, former chapter leader at NYU Abu Dhabi and contributing member to the International Organizing Committee. Arvy, my immediate successor at the NYU Abu Dhabi chapter and a dear friend, now lives and works full time in Abu Dhabi since his graduation. Given the

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