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Take Action for International Overdose Awareness Day 2021

This year is the 20th anniversary of International Overdose Awareness Day. With over half a million people dying as a result of drug use annually, it has never been more important. On the 31st of August every year, we publicly mourn, educate people on drugs to prevent overdose, and advocate for better drug policies. We are calling on SSDPers everywhere to run events as part of the campaign.


SSDP International is launching applications for the International Impact Grant on 15 June 2021!

SSDP International is launching applications for the International Impact Grant on 1 July 2021!


Introducing the SSDP International Board & everything else you missed at the General Assembly

Students for Sensible Drug Policy International just held its first ever General Assembly and it was a brilliant success! Sincere thanks to Orsi Fehér and the Election Committee for making sure this event ran perfectly. Here’s everything you need to know… The Founding Board was Elected One of the primary functions of the General Assembly is to elect the Board
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SSDP Welcomes the NYU Shanghai Chapter!

The movement for sensible drug policy has officially spread into China! I’m thrilled to introduce everyone to the newest SSDP chapter at NYU Shanghai. I had a chance to meet with the students starting the chapter over the summer and was impressed with their passion towards ending the drug war. NYU Shanghai features a very diverse student body from all

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Drug Laws in the Philippines and Southeast Asia

This article first appeared on The Libertarian. In an interesting indication of just how far support for marijuana reform has spread, some lawmakers in the Philippines have expressed interest in legalizing medical marijuana. Others are opposed, making reference to international treaty obligations and claiming the data supporting the drug’s medicinal use is not yet “incontrovertible.” If passed, this reform would

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