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It’s Time to Stop Profiting off America’s Prison System

Written by CUNY Baruch SSDP Chapter Leader Leland Radovanovic, This article originally appeared on The Odyssey Online.  On Thursday, August 18th, the Deputy Attorney of the Department of Justice, General Sally Yates, released a memo detailing their plan to roll back the use of private prisons. Through DOJ studies, they found that private prisons are not kept to same standards

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A Response to the Brooklyn K2 Overdoses

In response to an article comparing people under the influence of the synthetic cannabis substance K2 to “the walking dead,” CUNY Baruch SSDP chapter leader Leland Radovanovic submitted the following editorial to the NY Daily News.  Prohibition strikes again, this time in the form of a synthetic pseudo cannabinoid created as an alternative to cannabis that doesn’t show up on

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Should You Support California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act?

Written by Leland Radovanovic, chapter leader of CUNY Baruch College SSDP. This post originally appeared on The Odyssey Online.  The tide is coming in on cannabis legalization. Public consensus has never been higher. It’s time to legalize. One of the most important states may be next. California. They’ve had, for several decades now, a medical cannabis program. For better or

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SSDP Welcomes the CUNY Baruch Chapter

I am thrilled to introduce our newest chapter in New York City at CUNY Baruch! About 4 months ago I was contacted by Leland Radovanovic about joining the student movement to end the war on drugs, and I knew right after our first conversation that he was going to become a rockstar chapter leader. Since then, he has not only

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